Fresible Unveils Law Repository Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Fresible Limited today launched Law Repository Documents, an Artificial Intelligence Powered Web application for Nigerians.

Law Repository officially went live on the 24th of August, 2018

Law Repository is a self help application that allows individuals prepare legally binding documents in minutes with the aid of artificial and human intelligence. The application has been in the works for the past 8 months with developers and lawyers collaborating to make the first legal Artificial Intelligence powered application for Lawyers and Clients.

The application is currently in the beta version and available at The application includes tools that will help users draft affidavits, agreements and other legal documents with ease and in minutes.

According to the Senior Product Developer of the company, Fred Oyetayo, Law Repository was created to solve some of the most basic problems associated with legal delivery in Nigeria. While differentiating law repository from a law firm, he stated that the application is for self-help only and is not intended to be a substitute for a lawyer or professional legal advice. He advised that clients or users that need legal services can also contact any lawyer via the platform.

During the beta testing of the application which is expected to last for 3 months, affidavits and some documents can be made for free while some documents will attract a token sum.

The application allows you to prepare legal documents in minutes using artifical intelligence and machin learning alogrithm

Some of the current documents available on the platform include
1. Tenancy Agreement
2. Loan Agreement
3. Hire Purchase Agreement
4. Memorandum of Understanding
5. Loan Agreement
6. Website Privacy & Terms
7. Affidavit for change of name
8. Affidavit for loss of documents among others.

News of the application comes right off the back of a research conducted by the company in April suggesting that over 14.3% of Nigerians enter into agreements daily and more than half of that are done orally.