Looking to Improve For the Better

As I begin this journey on becoming a successful college student. I would like to improve on my play for time tactics. You see I'm what you will put in a catagory of someone who procrastinates. Say for ex. I have this assignment that im typing at this very moment. I had the syllables the second day of class and took it home looked at it every other day. So definetly I know when all assignments are due. But I procrastinated until the actual due date snuck up on me.

I have came to my knowledge thats not only my weakness in school but also in my everyday day life. And that makes me worry that will effect my college studying and learning. Cause when I procrastinate I tend to fall back on assignments. And when I fall back on assignments its like a fall back on college and began to feel like im not made for this so I give up and quit and don’t return the following semester or just quit in mid semester.

Now that I look back on things thats how my last 3 college experiences went. First it was at the age of 19 i was at a Community College. I had way more distaction going on in my life that i can admit i was just not ready to be even in school. My second experince was at the age of 25 I was at at Technology College. I went a full semester fell behind on my assisgnments. I blame myself that just because i couldnt understand my teacher language. I didnt take the initiative to seek help. For one i didnt belong to any groups, I hardly talked to my peers, and the mentoring tutoring hall was busy and a wait so I would just leave. So i basically went to class and took test. My third experince i was 30 years old tried another Technology College the same thing happen again yup I fell back again on my assignment I started off fine then later on into the Semester I was behind in 3 classes do to poor time management and my procrastination. So i drop of in the middle of the semester.

One good thing about myself that i do know that are to be in my favorite and what i would consider as many strengths for college success is that I’m resilient, I have the talent to achieve, my motives, and my desire to wanting to graduate from college. Those are the many reason I keep giving College a try i can say those are my strength to College Success.

Now I’m in my 4 college experience at the age 36 and now at a University. So far my experience is much more warming I have a sense of belonging on campus, Im meeting new peers, the Tutoring mentoring programs is awesome yes Im taking full advantage this time around. The Seminar class that im taking is starting help me grasp the concept on what it will take to be successful in your college experience. And the knowledge that im getting this time around is the tool that i will use to improve my college success.

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