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We all know that the presentation of the blockchain development has brought a couple of headways into different divisions of the overall economy. The usage of cryptographic money is furthermore growing always. Advanced gold has also used on the novel qualities of the blockchain development to show this inventive way by which people all through the world will safely buy, store and exchange Gold kind of cryptographic money.

Although the cryptocurrency markets have recorded exponential growth, it is subject to very volatile price movements, increasing the potential risk for the short/midterm investor who is looking to profit from the price fluctuations within a short period. Gold being a physical asset with substantial market capitalization experiences only slight fluctuations within a short period (price stability) while creating the potential for profit over a long period.

In a bid to solving the major problems associated with investing in gold, Digital Gold LTD, a liquidity provider has introduced a working solution which incorporates blockchain technology, this solution is GOLD.
Loss of transactional value is
One of the major problems associated with investing in gold, the inability to use gold for day to day settlement of debts even though it provides a good investment opportunity. GOLD eliminates this by ensuring that the monetary investment is still available for transactional purposes, even though it is invested in gold, making it easy to settle debts and make purchases using gold-backed GOLD tokens.

Point of this of view
To make a secure store for gold resources and make methods for making installments with the GOLD token. The blockchain has the element that can defend digital resources more than the customary framework. The gold is costly and sufficient security is required, in this manner tokenizing the gold business is the best thing to energize and that is one of the points of this venture. Rather than going to the gold store with packs of cash to purchase gold, you will utilize the GOLD token in your wallet. This will make the procedure adaptable and simpler for gold business exchange.


1. #Digital_Gold is upheld by physical gold.
Every GOLD token is upheld by physical gold held in a very secure vault. The gold hold tight is examined in period and may be kept an eye online. Each GOLD Token is issued misuse Ethereum brilliant contract and besides the measure of tokens accessible for use ceaselessly ascends to the general measure of gold bullion control in the vault.

2. High Liquidity for gold business

The token association could be a liquidity provider underwriting purchase and closeout of gigantic measure of tokens shockingly going to market rates. Token holder will rapidly purchase or recover tokens at this site or accessory exchanges. Token foundation association, Digital GOLD will be a liquidity provider approving purchase and leeway of gigantic proportions of tokens going to market regard.

3. No exchange/transaction charges

No costs on trades and you make like a couple of installments as you like. GOLD may be used as a bit of your step by step standard or typical business trades. Make installments in GOLD with absolutely no social occasion movement charges. This recommends you basically will make a a couple of installments as you lean toward at whatever point you may need to, free from charge. GOLD will even be used for consistently money routine like portions to your allies and business trades. Organization expenses are comparative or lower to taking care of gold at a foundation or bank, with no burden or work. the value could be a little % of GOLD holding charged step by step on your GOLD equality.

4. Verified

100% maintained by physical gold. The measure of physical gold holds tight may be facilitated against the general combination of tokens in the period. All trades are irreversible and there's forget about it to square or limit your record under the suburbanized structure of blockchain advancement. The security covers all risks at full substitution worth and is given by one in all the world's greatest assurance money underwriters, Chubb Protection. Taking care of physical gold isolated consolidates an arrangement of common risks/issues that may be avoided by abuse GOLD. Such dangers handle home legal offense and security risk aiming to and from the bank, in case you select to store gold assembling or restricted access if you select to remain your gold at a bank.

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