Top 10 Blockchain Lawyers & Firms You Need to Know

Anthony Wall
Nov 6, 2018 · 5 min read
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Today I will talk about top blockchain lawyers you need to know. Although cryptocurrency and Blockchain entrepreneurs are known as disruptive forces to the status quo, they too have to toe the line and obey the law to ensure compliance with financial regulations.

The law has wasted no time in catering to this industry, which is why you’ll find that there are now

Blockchain lawyers and Blockchain law firms that specialise in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ICOs etc.
Now, there are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea for Blockchain companies to retain the services of a good Blockchain law firm.
It protects you from potential loopholes that may arise as a result of patchy legal structures, allows you to effortlessly keep up with the latest financial regulations, and it generally keeps you on the right side of the law by properly planning out all of your legal activities.

We know that finding a Blockchain lawyer is not easy which is why we’ve gone to the trouble of compiling a list of the best Blockchain lawyers in the business for you to choose from.

We picked these law firms for a number of reasons, including offline and online popularity.

In fact, you might recognise some of them from the news as they’ve been featured on major media voicing their opinion on the crypto industry and Blockchain technology.
Others are prestigious firms with in-house lawyers that provide customised service, while some work with finance specialists.

Read on for our list of the top Blockchain law firms that you should consider for your Blockchain project.

1. Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
If you need help with understanding how financial regulations will affect your cryptocurrency project, the Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner law firm is the one you should contact. This firm focuses on bridging the gap between existing and future regulations as well as digital currencies. They’ll also provide you with valuable counsel on how to position yourself so that you maintain a harmonious relationship with regulatory bodies such as the SEC.

2. Covington
The Covington law firm provides a comprehensive range of services. They’ve been around for a long time and have the knowledge and experience needed to help clients deal with issues such as data security, privacy, regulation compliance, policy, consumer protection and a lot of other relevant matters.

3. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
What makes Davis Wright Tremaine LLP unique is that they serve clients on both ends of the spectrum, including those in digital finance and traditional finance. The firm remains at the cutting edge of the regulatory systems, making sure to align their clients with the regulations in order to maintain the veracity of the financial system. As such, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP combines expertise from legal, compliance, technical and business standpoints to provide an all-inclusive service to Blockchain companies.

4. Dentons
Dentons is an award-winning law firm that’s recognised by respected organisations such as the Acritas Global Elite Brand Index and the BTI Client Service 30 Award. Although they are the largest law firm in the world, Dentons is known for its quality of service and since it attracts top talent, clients always have access to the best legal minds in the business.

5. DLA Piper Group
DLA Piper is an internationally recognised law firm with a focus on the financial technology sector. DLA Piper is so big that they actually work with banks, VC funds and various well-known financial institutions that want to enter into emerging technology sectors. As a client, you can expect to access a
knowledgeable legal team that will assist you on a wide variety of matters, from financing to regulation compliance, IP, data and technology issues, as well as corporate issues and even exit strategies.

6. Field Fisher
Field Fisher has a lot of experience when it comes to all things Blockchain technology because from the beginning, this firm has always focused on delivering legal services specifically to the technology sector.
So they’ve got lots of practice in smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, legal compliance and proof of existence.

7. Frost Brown Todd LLC
Frost Brown Todd LLC has a dedicated team of Blockchain specialists whose aim is to help businesses adapt to and integrate Blockchain technology.
Their main focus is to help clients understand regulatory compliance, how business transactions are carried out in the digital finance space, and litigation services as well.
Another plus that comes with Frost Brown Todd LLC is the fact that they’re affiliated with the Chamber of Digital Commerce Lawyers Committee.

8. Latham & Watkins LLP
If you’re looking for a firm that will walk with you from the beginning, then you might want to consider Latham & Watkins LLP. Their services include regulation compliance, crypto assets, cryptocurrencies and basically the full spectrum of the financial technology sector. They’ve got an international team of experts that specialize in various disciplines, and this enables them to assist clients from the developmental stages to distribution, protection, and strategy implementation.

9. Baker McKenzie
Baker McKenzie has a long list of esteemed clients including the World Economic Forum, which they advise on issues like financial stability and technological innovation. Some of the services that they provide to Fin-Tech companies include cryptocurrencies, digital banking, e-payment platforms, and crowdfunding.

10. Ogier Law
Ogier Law is aimed at providing services to companies that want to capitalise on cryptocurrency investment opportunities, Blockchain technology, digital assets, and distributed ledger products. As such they have a dedicated legal team that specialises in Fin-Tech and Blockchain technology and can also
help clients that want to use an offshore structure to do so in a legal way.

Blockchain technology is backed by an ever-evolving distributed ledger technology that can be quite complex not only for the businesses that operate within the space but for their suppliers and customers as well.

For many Blockchain projects, the most confusing part comes when they realize that although they’re operating within a very innovative and disruptive industry, they still have to navigate legacy regulations which differ from one area to the other.
This is in addition to keeping up with emerging regulations that will also affect how Blockchain projects do business in the future.

Needless to say, having a good Blockchain law firm by your side will make it easier to stay on the right side of the law while getting all-inclusive legal support and risk management services.

Hopefully, our list of top Blockchain lawyers will make it easier for you to find Blockchain legal counsel for your Blockchain project.

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