Veterans Benefit: List of questions to ask before filing an application

Following is a list of questions you should ask yourself before filing an application with the Department of Veterans Affairs:

  1. Were you or your spouse discharged from service under conditions other than dishonorable?
  2. Were you part of the military for at least 90 days?
  3. Were you under active military duty?
  4. Did you serve at least one day during a war time period?
  5. Are you 65 years or older in age?
  6. Are you permanently or totally disabled?
  7. Do you have low income?
  8. Do you have high medical expenses monthly?
  9. How many assets do you have?

Even if you qualify under numbers 1–6, you may be denied benefits if your assets are not organized accordingly, or your income is not adjusted. At this time, VA looks at the assets at the time of filing and there is no “look back” period when it comes to applying for your VA benefits. As a general rule, an applicant, on average, must have less than $80,000 in assets not including their home and vehicles. If you own assets in the excess of $80,000, there are perfectly legal ways to reorganize your assets and put them either in trust or give your assets away to make you eligible to receive your VA benefits.

Following are considered eligible war periods, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs website:

  • World War I — April 06, 1917 through November 11, 1918
  • World War II — December 07, 1941 through December 31 1946
  • Korean War — June 27, 1950 through January 31, 1955
  • Vietnam War — August 05, 1964 though May 07, 1975
  • Gulf War — August 02, 1990 through the date set by law or presidential proclamation

Eligibility for receiving benefits is proven by filing a proper Veterans Application for Pension or Compensation. On an average, it takes about six to nine months for an approval from your regional VA office. The benefits, once approved, retroactively apply from the date of your application. The period of time it takes VA to review your case and approve or deny your application on case-by-case basis.

Anyone who qualifies can fill out an application and send it to Veteran’s Benefits Bureau for evaluation; however, a large percentage of Veterans or their spouses are denied benefits because the proper planning has not been completed prior to submitting application. Please contact the experienced attorneys at the Brandy Austin Law Firm for a free consultation. We provide a remarkable representation.