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Jun 30, 2018 · 3 min read


In the past years, there have been plenty of issues in the cryptoworld, ranging from hackers to technical problems and scammers. These negative experienced have caused many people to lose a lot of money and their trust in this industry has diminished. Such sad events affect good products and projects based on such an innovative technology, making it harder for legit projects to reach their full potential. People are starting to be more cautious with their investments and this might be one of the reasons for the drawback experienced by the crypto market in the past months. Fortunately, a new project build on top of the blockchain technology is planning to be a game changer and help people invest in cryptocurrencies without the fear of losing their assets.

What is LawyerCoin?

According to their website, LawyerCoin offers safety in an unsure world, which is a difficult, but not impossible task. LawyerCoin provides insurance services for transactions and risk resulting from cryptocurrency transfers as well as losses as a result of the fall of the market. LawyerCoin has an unique system, built on the same platform as BTC, enabling you to store your tokens in the same wallet with your Bitcoins.


Every person involved in the crypto industry has experienced a few issues at least once. Some of us were more unfortunate than others and have been the victims of hackers, scammers and technical bugs. Without a safety net, it can be really scary to continue investing when you have a bad experience and become aware of the risks of losing your monetary assets.


As an answer to the risks of the crypto market, a brave project has embarked on its way to become the safety net that we all crave for. LawyerCoin enables transactions between digital wallets and crypto investments to be 100% assured. You no longer need to worry if your digital wallet gets hacket, because you will receive back the sum you had on the date the unfortunate event took place. One of the biggest risks is related to ICO investments. Thanks to LawyerCoin, if an ICO will not reach the expected number of investors or the sum of money is not enough to continue the project, you will receive a compensation for the project equivalent with 50% of the invested sum.


LawyerCoin is powered by the LAW token. The project is currently undertaking ICO and you can contribute in its development from its early stages by acquiring tokens with a discount price.


Behind LawyerCoin stands a team of professionals with experience in software and insurance. We can find valuable assets in their team with previous experience in key fields for the proper development of this project. Marius Constantin is the Information Security engineer and he has previously worked for BitDefender and Maria Tudor is the Chief Insurer, with a wide experience in the insurance industry.


In conclusion, LawyerCoin in a project with a huge potential that plans to put an end to the fear generated by the risks we all have to take when dealing with the crypto industry. The project is currently undertaking its ICO and you can find out more information about it on their website

lawyer coin

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