lawyer coin
Jun 8, 2018 · 2 min read

• The transactions between digital wallets are 100% assured! (for instance you have transferred in another wallet, let’s say 1 BTC, but the transaction is not completed and does not reach the recipient, or simply “magically vanishes” – CSO will cover the risk of this failed transaction, crediting your wallet with 100% of the value transferred by you, namely 1 BTC)

• You invest in a cryptocurrency, for instance BTC, the loss following the investment will be 100% covered (for instance you buy BTC at the value of day x, say 8000 USD, and you want your investment to be for a period of 30 days, if at the end of the 30 days period you did not make any money following the volatility and bearish of the BTC to 6000USD, you will receive from us the difference of 2000USD) thus, the safety of your investment is guaranteed!

• Your digital wallet is hacked, no problem, you will receive from us the integral sum you had on the date the event took place (for instance you have a total of 10 BTC in your digital wallet, this is broken into through methods we will further explain in a tutorial, then you have nothing to worry about, for you will receive from (CSO) the afferent sum, namely 10 BTC) thus, your safety is guaranteed.

• You have a transaction platform, and, as you already know, these are frequently attacked by hackers, you are the target of this attack and have nothing to do, you lose through the penetration of your security system clients, as well as a lot of money, you have no reason to worry because now (CSO) exists, for you not to lose your credibility to your clients and to further carry on your activity, for the sum of 2 million euros, for starters!, thus , ensuring your safety.

• You have a project that, for various reasons, after the completion PRE ICO or ICO, has not reached the expected number of investors or the sum of money is not enough to continue the project, you shouldn’t worry, for (CSO) will compensate each investor of the project with 50% of the invested sum!

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