A Little About Jeffrey Phillips


The Phoenix Attorney Jeffrey Phillips has quite a background in education; he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 1986 from Arizona State Universty, later in 1990 from the same university, Arizona State University, he earned himself a Doctorate in Law.

Social Life

He enjoys traveling the globe, when he’s not held up representing his clients, spending time with his family and the beautiful game of skiing.


Phoenix Attorney Jeffrey Phillips is apart from being one of the lawyers at the Phoenix Phillips Law Group Firm, is the founder of Phillips Law firms situated in Phoenix and also in Arizona, he is as well founded other firms known as the Phillips & Associates firms throughout California, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. He’s widely renowned for his great engagement in providing attorney representation for litigant’s serious personal injury, leading to more than 100,000 clients from the US and Arizona choose him and his affiliates.

Career Achievements

Since after graduation, Phoenix lawyer Jeffery Phillips has had a series of achievements including;

1. Being ranked among the top 100 trial lawyers of the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the National Trial Lawyers Association’s list.
2. Being a member of the Leaders Forum of the American Association for Justice, he has being named distinctively as one of the best Attorneys of America.
3. In 1994, he was awarded a Volunteer Attorney of the Month Award from Community Legal Service.
4. In 1996 he was presented in recognition for his volunteer work in that year, a William T. Birmingham Award.
5. In 2002, Courtesy of lawyer Jeffrey L Phillips, the Phillips Law Group was honored with a Volunteer Lawyer Program Bankruptcy Service Award for Lawyer Jeffrey’s assistance for clients on low Income Bankruptcy.

Drawbacks and Setbacks

Phoenix Lawyer Jeffrey Phillips has had his share of setbacks in his career including;

1. In 2002 Jeffrey Phillips was gifted a complimentary censure by the apologists for Attorney Misfits for failing to offer sufficient supervision to office staff, multiple offenses misconduct and engaging in unusual patterns of misconduct in his firm.
2. Jeffrey’s law license was, on a complimentary basis, suspended for a 60-day period following a series of professional misconducts including failure to; act with the required diligence, communicate with his clients adequately. His selfish moves and motivates that were dishonest and inability to refund fees that were not fully earned were other reasons.
3. In the following year, 2012 Phoenix attorney Jeffrey Phillips was gifted a complimentary reprimand by the Patron Saints for attorney Misfits for intentionally selling out Phillips & Associates Bankruptcy Law Center to Attorney David Wroblewski in the previous year 2011, without informing his clients who had due rights to either keep the other legal counsel or to willingly accept possession of their files; else if they did not object within a 90 day period to the transfer, they would be assumed to have consented, lawfully, the transfer to the Wroblewski’s firm.

Despite having several setbacks in his career, attorney Jeffrey L Phillips remains one of the highest ranked lawyers in US soil and especially in Arizona.

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