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My Most Common FAQ

Everyone can meditate. Meditation is actually our natural state.

Without a doubt, this is the question I get asked most frequently. Usually, I am approached by two types of people:

  1. people who have never meditated before
  2. people have tried meditation and not seen results.

First, let me say this:


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The Storms of Life

How do you respond to problems, challenges, crises, or those times when life hands you a situation that just plain sucks?

What about those times when life feels like that “Wack-a-Mole” game at the county fair? As soon as you smack one problem down another pops up on the left…

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The Proverbial Spring Thaw

I don’t know how it is by you, but in my neck of the woods, people are beginning to socialize again in increasing numbers. Confidence to venture out is rising in direct correlation to the number of folks receiving their first and second doses of the vaccine.

In my mind…

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A Glimpse of Heaven

I went to visit a dear friend of mine today who lives in a well-appointed independent living community. As we walked down the hall toward his apartment we passed the cozy little chapel which serves the residents.

Sun light streamed through the stained glass windows, scattering rich, jewel-toned images across…

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Opposites Do Not Attract:

Energy attracts its mirror.

You know that old saying, “opposites attract”? Well, forget it! That is the worst relationship advice ever.

Relationships are all about energy; the compatibility of two people’s energy.

In humans, energy attracts the same energy. Yes, that means both good and bad energy.

An angry person…


Yoga therapist. Meditation coach. I work with children & families. I specialize in helping parents of spiritually gifted children.

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