Gun Control: Liberal vs. Conservative Beliefs

At the core of our beings, humans generally want the same things in life. Freedom, prosperity, minimal suffering, healthy children and safe communities are the goal, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. The one massive difference is the means in which we achieve these goals. Whether we’re discussing the death penalty or the right to buy ammo online, liberals and conservatives don’t often see eye to eye in achieving these goals.

Before we get into the topic of gun control, we need a better understanding of the core beliefs of both liberals and conservatives:

Liberal Beliefs

Liberal beliefs often coincide with the Democratic Party, but it isn’t exactly black and white. Liberals want strong government action and equal opportunities for everyone. They would like to rely on the government to fix social ills and protect civil liberties and human rights. In general, they believe the government should step in to solve these problems.

Conservative Beliefs

Conservative beliefs most closely align with the Republican Party and include personal responsibility, small government and more traditional American values. Conservatives often believe that we need a strong military presence to protect us from outside evils. In short they want the government to provide the people with the freedoms to reach their own goals.

Gun Control: Liberals

Liberals believe that the Second Amendment doesn’t give the people the right to bear arms, but it does allow the state to create and keep a militia to protect us from a corrupt government. They believe it is the local and federal government’s duty to protect citizens. Stricter gun control laws will protect our communities from gun violence.

Gun Control: Conservatives

Conservatives believe the Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms. They firmly believe that individuals have the right to defend themselves and we shouldn’t have to rely on government agencies to do it for us. Conservatives don’t think that additional laws like requiring background checks to buy ammo online will prevent crime. They think giving more guns to law-abiding citizens will prevent gun violence.

Now that you have the breakdown, what side of the spectrum do you fall on when it comes to gun control?

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