Guns, Delta Airlines, And New Regulations

Passengers traveling with Delta Airlines should be informed that they have recently implemented some new rules for those traveling with firearms. Your checked baggage containing firearms will be marked with special tags. The tags are to let baggage handlers know that those bags go directly to the baggage service agent. LAX Ammo realizes that this may make your life a bit more difficult. As your favorite place to buy ammo online, we want to keep you well informed about the new procedures so the process can go a little smoother.

Policy For Shooting Equipment

Delta Airlines has very specific criteria that must be met for shooting equipment, those requirements are listed below.

· Firearms are restricted to checked baggage, only

· You must declare the firearm to a Delta representative, security personnel, and at the main ticket counter.

· Present your unloaded firearm and sign a declaration for unloaded firearms.

· All firearms must be contained in a locked, hard-sided case. The case must be specifically designed for firearms.

· Permits for the country of destination must be in your possession.

· Ammunition must be packed in original its packaging or secured in a wood, plastic, metal or fiber box — with cartridge separation.

· All checked baggage containing firearms it to be picked up at the Baggage Service office.

· For a full list of rules and regulations visit the Delta Airlines website.

Listed are the types of ammunition not be permitted:

· Ammunition with incendiary or explosive projectiles

· Gun Powder (i.e. black powder or Pyrodex)

· Ammunition exceeding 11 pounds, including case

Pistols and accessories that must fit into one case:

· Suppressors

· Telescopes

· Tool case

Remember, you are responsible for knowing all rules and regulations, we advise you to stay up-to-date by checking Delta’s website before traveling.

Picking Up Your Checked Luggage

You will be require to show photo identification to receive your luggage. Before your luggage is returned to you it will be secured with zip ties. On some occasions, depending on the airport, a police officer may be present.

Concerns and Implementing Protocol

It may take some time for ticketing counters to become familiar with the new regulations and for properly implementing the new protocols.

There may be times when you feel like this is a hassle and you may get angry at times. Unfortunately these are rules you now have to abide by as a responsible, law-abiding, armed American.

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