Is Donald Trump’s Stop and Frisk Plan Dangerous for Gun Owners?

Donald Trump might seem like a big supporter of the Second Amendment, but his new policy for stopping gun violence might indicate something else. LAX Ammo, an online ammunition store, explains why Trump’s proposed Stop and Frisk policy might be dangerous for gun owners, and just people in general.

Throughout his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump has professed his love for the Second Amendment, stating that the more guns there are out there, the better. But we have to wonder if the Presidential hopeful is just telling his supporters what they want to hear, because his Stop and Frisk plan has a few major flaws in it.

Last week, Trump said, “You know, [police are] proactive and if they see a person possibly with a gun or they think may have a gun, they will see the person and they’ll look and they’ll take the gun away.” Wait, what?! Did we hear that correctly, he WANTS police to take people’s guns away?

We see some major issues here. First, what about people who have concealed carry permits? If police are stopping everyone they see carrying a gun, they won’t have much time for anything else.

Second, there is no way to tell the difference between someone legally carrying a gun and someone who is doing so illegally. Stop and Frisk would be a huge inconvenience to law-abiding citizens who have the necessary paperwork to carry a weapon on their person.

Third, it seems Trump isn’t aware that the city of Chicago already has Stop and Frisk policies in place, yet they remain one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country. Unfortunately it just seems that Trump is telling voters what they want to hear, not really understanding the intricate details of gun policy.

We certainly can’t trust Hillary and how we might not be able to trust Trump? Lord help us all!

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