World Record Shot: Canadian Sniper Hits Target 2-Miles Away

During a recent operation in the Middle East, a sniper made a record breaking shot.

A sniper from Canada’s elite special forces has been credited with the shot, hitting his target from over two miles away. To get even close to that good, you’re going to have to buy ammo online, in bulk amounts, from LAX.

The Military Operation: What We Know

Military sources have said that a sniper from the Joint Task Force 2 killed an ISIS insurgent. This occurred during an attack on Iraqi security forces. They weren’t able to disclose much information due to operational security reason and to preserve the safety of their personnel. But, the sniper hit his target from 3,540 meters away.

The Shot Heard 2 Miles Away

Reportedly, the sniper fired his shot from a high rise and in order for the bullet to be on target several factors had to be taken into account. Some of those factors included wind and gravity in respects to the earth’s curvature. The sniper’s weapon was a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle and it took approximately 10 seconds for the shot to hit the target. Details were verified by data and video footage from a secondary location.

Previously, the record holder was Craig Harrison from Britain in 2007. Harrison registered an on target sniper shot from 1.54 miles away.

Joint Task Force 2’s Mission

When the Canadian Armed Forces gained control of the federal counterterrorism operations they created a special unit now known as the Joint Task Force 2. The group’s entire mission is to combat terrorism both domestic and abroad while protecting Canadian national interest.

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