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The handgun has become extremely popular among firearm enthusiasts and beginners alike, so today our ammunition store in San Diego would like to uncover the history behind the handgun and discuss some basic topics about this subject matter. In actuality, the statistics show that more and more women are beginning to purchase firearms, so this will primarily be for the ladies out there. Let’s get started!

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There are two main types of handguns available today, the pistol and the revolver. Women typically purchase pistols rather than revolvers so we are going to begin our discussion with the pistol.

The Pistol

It is difficult to understand the true history behind the pistol because many people mistakenly interchange the words “handgun” and “pistol”. If this pertains to you, rest assured that you are not alone. However, since we have obtained a general understanding of the firearm industry through our ammunition expertise, we would like to set this misconception straight. The word “handgun” can be used broadly as a firearm that can be shot one-handed without a shoulder stock. However, the word “pistol” is further removed from this definition as a gun that has a chamber intact with the barrel. This means the chamber is actually inside of the barrel, while the handle of the pistol is loaded with additional cartridges. Since the magazine is loaded into the bottom of the handle, most modern day pistols have a boxy design and feel. This is slightly different compared to the earliest known pistol designed by Paul Mauser in 1889.

Due to the design and makeup of modern pistols, they can shoot up to 200 yards quite accurately. Additionally, while some may have a heavy amount of recoil, a majority of them are rather light and controllable, which is why many women tend to prefer pistols. You can find numerous model options through big name manufacturers like Colt, H&K, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory.

The Revolver

Now let’s talk a little bit about revolvers, and what separates them from pistols. Well to start, its’ history is easily traced to Elijah Collier, a British man, who invented revolvers in 1818. In 1822, revolvers began to be mass-produced, but Samuel Colt formulated his own design and began to sell it in America during the year 1836.

The revolver got its’ name because of its distinct design. Unlike the pistol’s magazine, the revolver has a revolving cylinder in the body of the gun, which holds the cartridges until the trigger is pulled. Additionally, the barrel length on a revolver can be much shorter or longer compared to a standard pistol because it can range anywhere from 1 to 16 inches. With that in mind, most revolvers have an average accuracy distance that is no further than 100 yards, which is about 100 yards shorter than your average pistol!

The recoil kick of a revolver also tends to be dependent on the model. We have seen some that are rather smooth, but some can knock you flat on your back if you’re not prepared!

At our ammo store in San Diego, we don’t actually sell guns, but they are an interesting topic to talk about because there are so many options! Therefore, everyone has their own reasoning for why they would prefer a pistol over a revolver or vice versa. However, we are not going to argue about which one is better because it’s truly your decision. We suggest testing out as many as you can so you can decide which type of handgun feels the best to you. It is one of those things where you cannot take another persons’ word for it because what works for them may not work for you. So seek help, but don’t give in to the peer pressure of others because if you’re not happy with your gun, you’ll never use it!

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If you’re in the market for a new firearm, we hope this information will assist you in your decision-making process. However, if you just need some more ammunition for your current handgun, feel free to stop by our ammo store in San Diego! You can also browse through more interesting ammunition or firearms topics by visiting www.laxammosd.com or our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.