Why Multi-Cloud Strategy is a Game Changer?

The Multi-cloud approach — one of the trending strategies followed in Oracle Cloud IaaS, states that we associate two or more cloud services to minimize the risk of data loss and downtime due to a local component failure in a cloud computing environment. This kind of failures can occur in hardware, software or at infrastructure end. The Multi-cloud approach improves the overall enterprise function by avoiding vendor lock-in and using different infrastructures to meet diverse partners and customers’ needs.

Mostly, reasons for hostile cloud event can vary from a single cable connector failure to an electromagnetic pulse or from a natural disaster to an act of cyberwarfare. Failure of a single hard disk or drive unit can result in a large-scale network outage if the malfunction takes place at a critical point in a system.

Load Time

Customers’ bases and device types grow increasingly diverse and organizations face a complex array of challenges in the quest to satisfy the demands of all the end users. In particular, the speed with which a given website loads data has a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Faster page loading results in more frequent and longer visits to a given website; page loading time can directly impact rankings. A multi-cloud strategy can help companies to minimize page load time.


Approach offers not only the software, hardware & infrastructure but also redundancy necessary to optimize fault tolerance, it can also steer traffic from different customer bases or partners through the fastest possible network. Some clouds are better suited for a particular task. Certain cloud might handle huge number of needs per unit time requiring small data transfers, but a different cloud may perform better for small numbers. Few organizations use public cloud to make resources available to consumers over the internet and private cloud to provide hosted services to limited number of people behind a firewall. And third type of cloud is called hybrid cloud, which may also be used to manage miscellaneous internal and external services.

Cloud Computing Hub

Catastrophic failures of cloud-based systems are not hypothetical events. Amazon the online store which also has Amazon web services (AWS) experienced an outage at their cloud computing hub apparently caused by an electrical transformer malfunction. Azure cloud management system which belongs to Microsoft also experienced an outage which adversely affected users in Europe and few other states in USA for several hours. In either of the cases, multi-cloud strategy could have prevented the failures from causing several business loss and service disruption.

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