It’s hard to be a woman. Every pieces of her is made up of tiny fragments of her heart, put together & made her unbreakable. She is a woman of faith, who believes that life has its own phase and therefore letting go of control is a must for her. A woman whom everyone sees her as weak for bargaining herself for the special people around her circle. A woman who knows nothing & no one but only the few who made traces in her life. A woman who give all of her heart to the man she beats for. She, who understands the essence of being a woman by being a mother. She learns from her children, the goodness of innocence. She carries the weight of her load, but is hopeful everything will turn out well just the way it is. Her wings are beautiful, it looks soft & delicate yet when tested to the core, it is made perfectly of steel. She is not perfect, she made mistakes in her past & that helps her lead the right path.

Every woman unfolds her own mystery at the right time, in the perfect situation. When things seems hard & are painful, pay attention – life is trying to teach us something!

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