Rover Network Public Testnet Announcement

2 min readJun 4, 2018


We are excited to announce that we are launching the public testnet of Rover Network. We have successfully tested and concluded the stability test. It’s a great feeling to share that our testnet is open for public participation.

Public Testnet:

Team Laxmicoin is poised for making the testnet live today on 4th June, 2018. Rover testnet is live now through which the users can play around with test Laxmicoins. Also, we will very soon release our Mainnet-beta, so stay tuned with us…! You can play around here( with pseudo Laxmicoins, testnet Laxmicoin price is zero and can’t be used/converted/moved to real Laxmicoins on the mainnet.

Rover Network public testnet will allow developers to experiment with the system and build DApps using it. Testnet does not use any real coin or currency and so can be used without any stress! After mainnet is released as beta (very soon) we will list with exchanges and you can manage your account easily like any other cryptocurrency.

Thanking you…!

Thank you for your continuous support. Your kind support with us not only confirms the need, but also the demand for our project as we move forward. In order for us to grow globally, your presence is always admired and appreciated. The supporters and users of our community are our number 1 priority and we will continue to provide best value and experience to them.

Official links to Laxmicoin ->

Website: Laxmicoin: