Rover on the way!

3 min readMay 5, 2018


Rover Network is a BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY which provides the blockchain solutions in the sectors like; Banking Solutions, Land Registry, Health insurance, Good Governance, Voting System, Supply Chain, etc. It is a network meant for mass adoption of Blockchain technology for the world. It is secure, self-governed, decentralized, and reliable. We believe in — “You Trust Yourself”

Rover Network has the potential to disrupt the trade landscape by making it easier to reduce disputes and fraud to provide delivery and payment certainty, enable transparency of trade asset movement, and facilitate the flow of trade receivables.

Our Rover Network will provide solutions for, uniquely identifying each transfer in a transaction, provide authority and verification. With Rover Network the institutions can track the flow of funds with greater certainty, providing transparency, timeliness and auditable reporting.

It works on Decentralized Network System, which makes it Public, easily Traceable and hence, no Manipulations can take place.

Our team worked hard to get most advanced DLT i.e. the Rover Network live into existence and we are glad to announce that our next generation blockchain will be the Rover Network, we are trying our level best to bring the Rover Network ahead of the roadmap schedule. You will be excited to know that our board members and technical advisors have decided to rollback the decision for a PoW based blockchain in order to build a DLT which is financially, environmentally and is most scalable. Rover Network will be based on a PoS system and will use RCA (Rover Consensus Agreement). Laxmicoin is the native Cryptocurrency of Rover Network.

Airdrop Updates

Laxmicoin Airdrop is going to close soon, however we are extending 10 more days from our original schedule and now it is going to end on 31st May 2018. If you want your near and dear ones to join our network, this is the time…

Referral Updates

We are offering 20 Laxmicoin for referral rewards and social rewards i.e.; twitter (50) Laxmicoin, for telegram (50) Laxmicoin and for both (telegram + twitter) the user will be rewarded with (50+50+20) Laxmicoins. Laxmicoin Referral, Social reward and Registration for my account ( will close on 15th June 2018.

Development Updates

The team is working with a tremendous pace and dedication are working very hard to bring the Rover Network which will be the disruptive in the field of blockchain space as it is scalable upto 3K transactions per second(TPS) and we still working on achieving 10,000 (TPS) which is unheard of. The team is preparing the Rover Testnet launch on 4th June 2018. With substantial QA and no bottlenecks we are streamlined to bring the Rover Mainnet Beta very soon.

Laxmicoin Transfer

We will share schedule and instructions on how you can transfer Laxmicoins to your Rover wallet once our mainnet goes live. Coins transfer will be prioritized for our social users as each one of us understands that community is the most important and integral part of blockchain network.