Is all the attention to physical beauty justified?

Remember the time when getting dressed for occasions meant ‘wearing good clothes and combing your hair?’ Nowadays, it takes more than an hour to get dressed up to meet societal expectations.

When I look at my grandparents’ pictures from 15 years ago, they are just like what I remember them to be. But I don’t think any of our generation’s pictures will represent how we actually looked when we were this age. Thanks to the chrome filters, contrast adjustments and the selfie distance. All that effort for nothing more than a few minutes of immediate gratification.

In college, you discover grooming and start looking better. You can’t help but notice that suddenly everybody’s behaviour towards you changes.

Is all the time that is spent today on looking good, actually worth it? Aren’t there better things to do with one’s time?

We often find ourselves complimenting so many people for the way they look. But how many times have we complimented them for the people they are, the things they do and the way they think?

Physical beauty is probably the last thing one needs to take pride in. Because it isn’t something we work hard and earn. It’s a gift, though an unfair one. Some argue that they put in efforts to maintain it, but have they put any more effort than the others?

But with pictures being the highlight of most social networking platforms, I think it’s too late and the world is beyond repair. Or is there still hope?

Nevertheless, I have always wondered,

आख़िर शकल ने ऐसा क्या किया, जो अकल नहीं कर पाया।