A Leading Provider of Mining Services in India

LAXYO is one of India’s leading mining companies in India with over 10 years experience providing mining service to the Indian resources sector. With proven capacity to safely deliver mining projects in India that meet timeframes and budgets, LAXYO has become a mining contractor of choice for many of India’s leading resource companies.

With an extensive schedule of plant and equipment and a fully mobile workforce, LAXYO has demonstrated experience in developing mines in remote locations throughout Western India, the Northern region, Uttar Pradesh, as well as undertaking operations in Maharashtra.

LAXYO have undertaken significant mining contracts in drilling, breaking, ore removing, blasting and exploration for Indian resource companies such as Aditya Birla, Binani Group and L & T Company.

Scope of Mining Contractor Services

LAXYO’s scope of work on mining projects typically includes:

1. Mine planning

2. Clearing and grubbing

3. Topsoil removal

4. Drill and blast

5. Load and haul

6. Haul road maintenance

7. ROM and waste dump maintenance

8. Crusher feed

9. Product haulage

10. Rehabilitation

LAXYO has successfully managed and operated plant hire and maintenance mining contracts with a dedicated team of specialized project personnel including dedicated project managers, engineers and supervisors.

LAXYO Mining Capabilities

LAXYO has a long history in providing mining services for pit development and access road establishment. Having worked on various mine developmental projects LAXYO has been responsible for the following components:

1. Clearing existing vegetation

2. Removal, haulage and stockpile of topsoil

3. Foundation preparation

4. Bulk earthworks

5. Road construction

6. Process plant earthworks

7. Conveyors earthworks

8. Stacker and reclaimed earthworks

9. Tailings storage facility construction

10. Related ancillary works

11. Drainage installation

12. Pit development

13. Topsoil re-spread

14. Landscaping and rehabilitation

LAXYO Plant for Mining Projects

LAXYO has a dedicated Plant Department providing support, assistance and cost efficient strategies to both our Mining and Civil Divisions. LAXYO’s extensive range of plant, owned and leased, is fit for purpose and maintained to the highest standards by experienced maintenance personnel. The Plant Department has the systems and processes in place to effectively mobilize plant to a project wherever it is required nationally or internationally.

LAXYO ENERGY LIMITED Company, Action Drill and Blast, were engaged on the project to undertake drill and blast operations resulting in the elimination of interface issues between drill and blast and load and haul operations.

For more information regarding our mining construction projects or if you have any questions in regard to our current mining contractor works in India, contact us here.

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