Professional Dredger Contractors for Dredging and Reclamation

Laxyo’s new venture “Dredger” is a leading dredging contractor and providing dredger equipment rental services in India. Since its establishment in the year 2007, we have demonstrated exemplary project management skills.

Within a short time period, our organization has positioned itself as a joined and speciality player, which is providing dredging equipment on rent.We cover the entire gamut of marine services at Ports from provision of harbor to wage operations to dredging, and offshore services like STS & FPSO operations. Promoted by Laxyo Group with large experience and expertise in Marine Industry, we have set up a impeccable record of giving safe, effective and highly reliable services to all our clients. A dredgers is a part of equipment which can dig, transport and dump a specific measure of under water soil in a specific time. Promoted by Laxyo Group with large experience and expertise in Marine Industry, we have set up a impeccable record of giving safe., Hydraulic digging make use of the erosive working of a water flow. For example, a water flow generated by a dig pump is lead by means of suction mouth over a sand bed. The stream will break down the and forms a sand-water mix before it enters the suction pipe. Hydraulic digging is mostly done with special water jets. Hydraulic digging is mostly done in less soils, for example, residue, sand and rock. Mechanical digging by blades, teeth or bleeding edges of dredging equipment is apply to durable soils. The transport of the dredged soil should be possible powerfully or mechanically as well, ether ceaselessly or intermittently.

Company undertakes dredging at ports, lakes, rivers according to the necessity of clients by conveying dredgers and relevant equipment. Dredging is done through our experience and expert team. Company has very wide experience in Dredging services, since 2015.

We offer following Dredging Support Services:

1. Capital dredging and maintenance dredging of harbors and ports

2. Dredging of rivers and canals for irrigation and waterways

3. De-silting lakes, reservoirs and ash ponds in steel plants

4. Maintaining the intake channels in power plants

5. Offshore pipeline trenching & Bacfilling

6. Geophysical and hydro graphic surveys

7. Underwater photography and diving services

8. Maintenance dredging

9. Land Reclamation

10. Rock Dredging (Under water drilling & Controlled blasting)

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