Summer and Micaela

Day 2: November 15th, 2o16

So it turns out this “talk to someone new everyday” thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. But do not worry my beloved readers, Layan Bashi will not disappoint! Today my friends, I bring you two beautiful ladies, Summer and Micaela.

As I’m writing this, I realized I didn’t ask any of the people mentioned in my blog for permission to use their real names but oh well I have like 4 followers. It’ll be our little secret, right?

It was the end of my lunch period and my friend Fajr said, “You havent talked to anybody new today you fake hoe!” I know what you’re thinking. You have such sweet and supportive friends, where did you find them?

In the corner of my eye, I see two girls sitting on the wooden bench infront of the cafeteria. With no hesitation, I sit down and say, “Hey guys, are you free to talk?” My balls really have grown these past 4 years. Grade 9 Layan would’ve actually shit herself if she did that. Micaela looks at me with the biggest smile and says, “Yeah sure lets have a conversation!” and Summer responds with something similar. I have short term memory loss so I cant remember everything. We start talking about Summer name and how white people love naming their children after seasons. Ironically, Summer was a beautiful shade of medium brown. Imagine a brown family with four kids. Mohammad, Amna, Abdullah and Summer! The conversation somehow turns to my upcoming graduation pictures. The girls are obviously shocked that I’m a senior. Can’t really blame them since I legit look and act 12 years old. How do 17 year olds act? I really don’t know.

Then I leave because my human interaction alarm clock started ringing, better known as the “school bell”. They wish me luck on my grad pictures and I thank them and say goodbye.

Summer and Micaela were so much fun to talk to. It felt like we have been friends for ages. Layman is not giving up on this project. Until next time, be kind to one another.

PS: Shoutout to my friend Emily Da Costa for my profile picture lmao