What I learned in this bitter process

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The phone rings and I answer it knowing the news I was about to receive. It was done. I hang up and put the phone on the table very slowly. I try to understand or rationalize in some way the feeling of emptiness that arises right in the middle of my chest. I can only see that it had already been quite different one day.

Now it was no longer just anguish. It was also a relief.

The call I had received had been from Brazil, my home country, to Dublin, where I have been living since last year. In…

Keeping hope is a great way to stay sane

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As I already explained in an article before, I was born in Brazil, but I and my husband are living in Ireland now since last year. One of the main factors that motivated this journey, was our intrinsic desire to explore the world. This has always been one of our greatest wishes. So, living in Dublin would not only help us to develop another language but also provide us with the necessary conditions for these trips.

Until now.

Among the many upside-down lives this pandemic is creating, ours has also been one of them.

We are very grateful for all…

Or the best?

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The day is March 13, a Thursday. I go to work, then I go to my English school. Everything goes like the most common day in the world. Until the coordinator comes into our class, panting for breath and looking a little desperate. She warns us that as of the next day, classes would be suspended for two weeks due to the coronavirus. What follows then is a sequence of events so surreal, that upon arriving home, my chest seemed to want to explode. I needed to scream, vent to the world. …

How to overcome the difficulty of expressing written ideas

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During my third month as a member, I have noticed that many Medium users do not have English as their native language. From what I’ve observed, many because Stripe does not operate in their countries, others because the English-speaking audience is much larger. In my case the reason was the willingness, and perhaps the need, to improve my written English.

As I have commented before in some other articles, I was born in Brazil, but have been living in Dublin for almost a year. …

How it is necessary that we show them all our love always

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Every single day I call Dad to question him about how it is going with my grandparents. I have been living in Dublin for over a year. A total of 8,673 km away from them. And right now, this makes me sick.

My Grandma can still hear me on the phone, but Grandpa can’t. He developed a rare disease many years ago that made him deaf. I can vividly remember when I met him before coming here. I wrote on his little whiteboard, the way Grandma found to communicate with him, asking if he was also thinking I was crazy…

Because I am not!

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I awake. In fact, the sunlight coming in through the window awakes me. I open my eyes a little and realize it’s time to get up. I get up, do the basic hygiene, practice my daily routine of Yoga and glass of milk with chocolate powder. Then I dedicate the first part of my morning to writing. I sink into the keyboard until stunned, I hear my stomach snore, time for lunch. I lunch. I get a call from my mother, who is in Brazil and I ask her to solve some issues at the bank there for me, if…

Reflections about my undergarment problems

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For many years now, I have appreciated every opportunity to be home. Because I know that I will surely be there without a bra and that for me and full happiness is the same thing.

After a whole day spent on the street solving things, finding customers, and running around, when I get home all my focus and effort, as soon as possible, will be to remove that thing that involves my torso and squeezes me. …

Or at least to museums you can

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In the past few days, I’ve lost count of how many stories of friends, regretting having cancelled trips, I’ve heard. Even myself, that moved to Dublin a year ago only to be able to travel more, missed some opportunities too. Many of us are having to rethink all of our plans and how privileged we are when cancelled trips are the worst that can happen to us.

Anyway, working from home and having some free time, it’s sometimes difficult to control anxiety and deal with the boredom that consumes us. I know.

And it was exactly in one of these…

Of the things that I notice, living in a different country, the most impressive of them are those related to the weather.

Sunrise — Palmas, Brazil (Font: Notes From Travel)

Having come from a city in the interior of a state called Tocantins, which also is located in the interior of Brazil, I was accustomed to an immense climatic variety, namely: dry weather and rainy weather, both very warm.

Although I was born and raised in Gurupi, I had been living in the capital of the newest state of Brazil, Palmas, for over 10 years before venturing into these wet and cold lands here in Ireland.

Palmas, in fact, was the last of the capitals projected in the 20th century and carries the sun on its flag and that of…

Anybody here?

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10:15 PM

I think I should go to bed.

I turn on my electric blanket, don’t put my pyjamas, because lately I am already living wearing them, dive in my twenty minutes meditation, turn off the lights and that’s it.

I’ll avoid screens on the bed this night. Maybe is this that is messing up with my sleep routine. Bye-bye, Twitter. Bye, Instagram. Night-night Medium. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Already laid on the bed, I turn to the other side, slide one hand under the pillow and place the other resting on my hips. So, perfectly adapted to that…

Layane Moura

Brazilian Emigrant | Living in Dublin | Writing about Productivity, Self-Improvement, Lifestyle, Travel, Culture, Fiction and Poetry

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