Brands have helped cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century; continuously revising their strategies and position within markets, especially with the city-series concept, where brands eagerly attach their products and service to the life & times of the emerging metropolitan. The announcement of a cities project drives a brand's initiative, to unfold their destinations landscape and history, what makes a city great, and its people and culture. The projects can span art, music, architecture — anything that could have a strong impact on making great cities even greater. Below I’ve listed brand show have most recently fused the concept into plans, as well as classic efforts by Big Box brands.

Moet #OpenTheNow

The brand has created limited-edition labels for their Nectar Imperial Rosé Champagne that will spotlight ten cities including New York and Los Angeles. In addition to New York and L.A., the other regions that will get their own customized bottles include Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Ohio, Texas, the Bay Area and “DMV” for Washington, Maryland and Virginia.

“raise a glass to the city that raised you”


‘think local, act local.” was an idea produced by the marketers behind the Absolut Vodka brand, in which is considered some of the best vodka branding in its genre.

Absolut Vodka was headed by Spike Lee, whose creative direction stems from the roots of Brooklyn's historical background.


Each limited run of city-specific bottles will represent every defining moment consumer have to make the most of their cities landscape when grabbing a Heineken or Heineken Light.


An online shopping network that offers its members deep discounts across the board, simply branding themselves as a hoarders mark the latest in style, savings, and convenience. Apart of the company's strategy to retain its loyal consumer base, Gilt fused an extended tab of in-house brands such as Gilt taste, Park & Bond, Jetsetter, and Gilt City, in which offers VIP access to unforgettable experiences in cities across the country.


Coca-Cola has a long history of setting up campaigns that will drive a general purpose to make a positive and sustainable difference in local areas across the U.S. Now with the “Journey x Journey” , the Coca-Cola Company hits the ground running with brand journalism by reimagining their original mission and vision, Coke aims to search for the best foods, best events, and best experiences.