Joint Series: “independent”

Coming of age it was easy to find the latest music in the bins, iPods, and online libraries of a relative or friend, then as overtime, it was the popular entertainment magazine, music television network, and promotional strategies that drove the vantage point of millions of fans and music listeners into what is now a multi-billion dollar music business; shifting the way youth of a nation create, connect and collaborate within their own endeavors, as well as complimenting an existing base of loyalist. A more traditional subset of music and music education in-house, enabled me to rap and produce, in a more urban setting, where not only a beat machine, 8-track recorder, and sound system introduced me to the recording arts, but the musicians swagger. Knowing Americas history subsides within various context, I’d like to take the time to reintroduce the facilities that drive more than vintage records and a safe-haven for tape-heads, but a meeting place for the grinder, clerks, and youngest in charge.