Trump’s true running mate, Biff Tannen (The Huffington Post)

The Arts & Politics

“A strong relationship between the arts and politics, particularly between various kinds of art and power, occurs across historical epochs and cultures. As they respond to existing at or occurring in the same period of time. events and politics, the arts take on political as well as social dimensions, becoming themselves a focus of controversy and even a force of political as well as social change.[1]

……Making fun of major and minor political figures has stemmed within the ages, representing the illiterate as well as invoking media literacy, out of due process according to freedom of press. The creative and cultural initiatives of the satirical and propaganda mediums have forever changed the perspective of readers and shifted the focus of the general public, in which have uncovered the hidden truths of a off-set political agenda. Know that for every action, theirs a reaction out of the publics affairs , whether it be natural phenomenons or another social interruption, artist from around the way have enlightened circa with a visual that will speak a million words; in example, in November of 2015, a series of Paris attacks occurred at a concert in the cities northern suburbs, Jean Julien,the artist behind the “Peace For Paris” symbol released the imprint, in which spread rapidly across the globe, solidifying, an all humane battle against terrorism.

Promoting change through social commentary aggressively by means of rhetoric, make contemplation of political themes — such as how we perceive the world through the way we draw our maps or the idea of “Peaceful Protest” as shown on the side — an easy, intellectual way to steer movements.

Other forms of artistic motives such as satire, propaganda, and street art have led revolutions since the founding of this country and post-Marxism.

……….The government has been satirized for your protection. (Bill Maher)