The Day I Learned I Could No Longer Jump (or Learning to Fly)
Jay Armstrong

Beautifully written Jay. Thank you for sharing your non-jumping story…it touched my heart.

Remember…since your son is so young, he (unlike us) has no expectation of what a “good father” is nor will he remember a time when he had a father who could jump. ;)

All he knows is YOU are his father…and you’re perfect. That’s how kids are.

I am reminded of a story that Christopher Reeves’ son told of how his quadriplegic father taught him how to ride a bicycle. It was amazing. Chris talked him through, encouraging him all the way. His memory of it seemed to focus around the smile on his father’s face and the cheers as he finally got it…and pedaled down the street.

Jay, reading your heartfelt words, it’s obvious how much you love your son. Don’t focus on what you CAN’T do with him…concentrate on the “I cans”.

You got this. ;) ✔

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