a day in my life 4: 10,000 feet

Transcript from my video series

One day, I had to talk about it. Sometimes I feel like an owl. Sometimes I feel like a butterfly. But I only have the aerial experience from airplanes. Less than I wanted, I confess. But too uncomfortable.

I remember that moment when the airplane’s leaving the ground. “Fasten seat belt”, they say. Everything’s really uncomfortable inside me. But I can’t express into words how relieving is this experience. I feel like leaving my problematic life behind and beautifully throwing myself into the unknown. The airplane’s flying, but I feel like being attached to a chair. This metaphor is my life.

My entrepreneurial moment could be illustrated with this picture.

I heard in the church that no one feels their grandiosity coming. No one knows when they’re flying in safety because they feel terribly bad in their seats. But do they feel relieved when leaving the ground? Do they like to throw themselves into the unknown? Is it my path of glory or prelude of a Mayday? Fasten seat belt.

Läyeh LCS is the mother of DiploHeart, a blogger, a podcaster, an article writer, an enthusiast of liberal ideas and, although not so good in mathematics, learned with the worst expériences ever how not to live from paycheck to paycheck.

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