a day in my life 5: Obstinate!

Transcript from my video series

I’m the creator of Envis (it means obstinate in Swedish) or ePDI. Don’t call me founder and CEO, please! It’s still too early for it. I try to be realistic. Remember, this is my slacking adventure! From now on, take my hand and walk around my mental roads, I’m your guide.

Now we’re walking together around my life gallery and I’m telling you the story behind each painting.

The year was 2014, and I was feeling totally depressed and useless. Do you like to hear “no” from everyone else around you? I was feeling like trying to marry a married man. A fish out of the water. My personal life… was also on a collision course. I went to many undesirable places just to understand what the heck was happening to me. Until falling on my knees and praying for an answer before giving up.

The answer came seven days after my claim. A person who accidentally turned my head to the other side. Me, an entrepreneur? Me? I’m an intellectual being. I love my books, I’m shy, I’ve never worked in sales, and I was almostimpeded of running a business if I wanted to work for any governmental entity.

But divine will works in mysterious ways… I went on vacation with this idea running through my head. What could I do? How could I run a business? Then I saw the light: I could start selling my art in an original way. Bang! I gave birth to denkongeLigeanarki!

Seven months after starting this nano business, a very dearest cousin comes in town, with very advanced and fresh ideas about everything. It was delightful to talk about anything with her. Some months after this return, she plants another entrepreneurial seed in my head.

I was very informal but never thought about using my formal education to create something. How could I start doing it? How? I imagined initially to work with international consulting for businesses. B2B, huh? However, many of my “mental prototypes” let myself dissatisfied because it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. But it was so different from everything I planned to my life that…I felt stimulated to go on, not to give up. There was no way back. Take it or leave it. I decided to take it.

Läyeh LCS is the mother of DiploHeart, a blogger, a podcaster, an article writer, an enthusiast of liberal ideas and, although not so good in mathematics, learned with the worst <<expériences>> ever how not to live from paycheck to paycheck.

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