#IBotSocialSciences — Prototyping my craziness

Can Law, International Relations, and AI walk together?

Do you like the sound of a broken glass?

I’m all against monopolies, even if it implies in my intellectual disagreement. I build (or raise)my second child DiploHeart to bring the concept of personal diplomacy to life. Safety shouldn’t be monopolized. Local communities have all necessary knowledge to make the foreigner experience work well.

I hate offices, and I ironically spend hours in my home office just to eliminate this option from your menu. Wouldn’t it be nice to make money with social sciences while drinking tea at the shopping mall? Your parents wouldn’t be proud of you, but we have the right to choose our destiny.

Today I started this very crazy project. I’ve always been fascinated by computers and technology, and I love politics and social issues. It’s a very basic bot which has the evil intention to be your international consultant. It will be complete, with all info about everything and so on. Your help is always needed. If you want the product/service, I need people to bring complete country profiles, complete legal info about all corners of this Planet Earth.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t our enemy. Everything is created by human action. Some jobs will certainly die, but other ones will appear. This is the non-revolution, better times coming, a new era of electronic life with social impact.

I bot those social sciences that I learned, my dear. This is my sin.

Läyeh LCS is the mother of DiploHeart, a blogger, a podcaster, an article writer, an enthusiast of liberty ideas and, although not so good in mathematics, learned with the worst expériences ever how not to live from paycheck to paycheck.