Layers Conference 2019 — Scholarships & Grants

Scholarship applications are now available for Layers. Apply by May 10, 2019 to be eligible for a free pass to the event.

Layers • June 3–5, 2019 • San Jose, CA

This application process is open to everyone and not limited to students; we highly encourage participation in this process regardless of your age, position, or background. We ask that applicants are limited to those who would not otherwise not be able to afford attending this event.

To apply, send us a 4-paragraph essay covering the following topics:

  • Your current role, and your short- and/or long-term goals
  • What excites you most about the prospect of attending Layers
  • What makes you a unique candidate
  • Any other information that would better help us understand your position

Please send applications to no later than May 10, 2019. Recipients will be notified by May 13, 2019.

For more information about Layers, visit our website.

To be eligible, you must be able to provide your own travel & accommodation for the event.

If you apply and don’t end up receiving a grant to Layers, you may be eligible for a reduced-price conference pass. We appreciate when people put forth effort and motivation, and will do our best to make our event accessible to those who are eager to attend.

If you’re interested in donating to the Layers scholarship fund, you can do so on our website. Any amount helps!

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