Welcome to Wordpress!


My name is Linus Chan and it’s great to meet you.

I’m your lead instructor for the Web Development class.

This is a beginner level wordpress course that explores how to create with digital technologies.

Students learn the basic building blocks of writing in Internet environments (text, sound, images, video, interactivity) as well as the vocabularies, functionalities, and organizing structures of Web 2.0 environments, how these impact understanding and use of information. This can vary from embedding a youtube video to leveraging the Instagram and Google APIs!

This course includes design projects and practice with content management systems, video, and social media.

In this class, you will learn some fundamental ways of writing for Internet-based environments modified for professional and everyday practices.

You will learn and write semantically rich WordPress websites. It will be awesome.

The best thing to boot? You get to hang out with me! But first things first, I want you to start here.

Lesson 1: Setting up your Server