My lovely mom, I’ll never forget. It’s still it seems that you never left.

I think so much about one moment.
If I went there, I would scream in my throat "I love it!"
Now all that’s left for me is just my dreams. The instruments of my life are broken, and now it’s seems ...

So desperate? I never thought about how painful can be truth, you knew that. 
And I was such a fool, and in my children's world I tried to prove that ... 
What? My own soul went to heaven, leaving us in an adult crazy world.
When something dies, for us, for soulless, its just the eternal cold.

But I know that you look from heaven and you see children in us.
And let me be selfish, sometimes I want you to feel as bad without us. 
Because we have lost a huge part of our soul and life. 
But I want to promise, dear, we will learn and teach our own how to survive.

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