Curly Dreams

This little girl was brave & excited about life.

She dreamed a thousand adventures a day, imagining one day she will fly away to discover faraway lands, inspiring people and more ways to dance.

She imagined how this big world would look like — waterfalls to shower from, lakes to swim in, mountains to climb up, open blue skies to pain and green fields to run.

She dreamed with being beautiful like the princess of the tales her mom read every night & finding dragons that teach her how to fly.

She dreamed with voices singing together by the fire in languages she was yet to understand

Her family was only mom dad and her little brother, but she dreamed with big tribe sharing love, food and fun.

But more than anything else this little bundle of excited blond curls wanted to sing, to dance, to shine… 4 years old she told her mom pointing at the sky:

Mama I wanna go back home, where I am a star!

I wish I could remember what she meant! How can I have forgotten…?

It was barely yesterday that I was riding this white horse across fields of magic completely oblivious that it was tide to a carrousel…

Barely yesterday that I built again and again my dream life in my tinny fantastic head…

Barely yesterday that life felt so filled with possibilities & ease.

I wish so deeply to remember… I still feel that she knew something valuable back then… Something I seek today desperately in my every day life.

Something I seem to touch when I dance, when I sing, when I cry or when from time to time life goes by in peaceful surrender and I forget all I was forced to learn.

My wish for new cicle is to remember what I knew when I was so little that problems couldn’t reach me, when my heart was so open that love was my only language.

When fear of the darkness was met with a loyal dragon fire hug.

I wanna remember why I choose to come here to be lost if back home I was a star.
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