How to Promote your Content on Social Media

Content creation is a newbie in the creative field, not because the practice is new, but because the realm and purpose of it has taken a drastically different route. Professional content writers have been doing an excellent job, but as a marketer, are you targeting the platform that holds the biggest buzz?

At Inksplore, our professional content writers focus on creating proficient web content that sells and attracts a larger readership. But we also suggest our clients promote the content eminently on social media platforms using the ‘mix ’n’ match’ rule.

Inksplore found the following tips to be very effective for promoting the web content:

Title says it all

It’s simple, if you don’t have a good headline, then people aren’t going to read your content. A good headline should not be filled with jargons or fancy words; rather it is strikingly simple. If you are stating how to do something, then let your title say ‘how to…..’, if your article is listicle, then ’10 tips to….(or whatever number)’ works the best. Inksplore’s professional content writers focus on creating content with killer headlines, for they know where the key lies.

Use Facebook

Promoting your content on Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to popularize your content. Why? Because Facebook has about 1.59 billion users, and that is a LOT. If you are focusing on hitting the global market, then this social media platform is where you need to start.

Towards an imagery world.

Instagram and Snapchat are highly trending social media platforms, in particular among the youth. But the key here is to get your content in a picture. At Inksplore, our content writers are proficient in doing this. Our web content writers focus on creating the right content for the right platform. While Facebook is a separate area, image-based platforms like Insta and SC is another ball game. Professional content writers of Inksplore can customize the content according to platforms, so your worries can be put to rest!

Time is Money

Sharing your content at the right time is extremely imperative. If your target customers are in a certain locality, post your content when most of the population would be active on social media. Tools such as Followerwonk assists perfectly in figuring out the perfect time.

Spam rightly

Post your content multiple times. When you get in touch with the content writers at Inksplore, you can ask for various write-ups for the same content. You can post these multiple times on a day, with multiple images, headlines and at different time periods. Spam, but just don’t overdo it.