Blogs are great. They’re a great medium to convey ideas, and the perfect way to entertain even the laziest of readers. But blogs mean something else too for businesses- they’re a promotional media. However, having a blog is quite tricky, because that place isn’t exactly the best for explicit promotion or for giving out a ‘classifieds’ vibe.

Usually, blog contents are easy-going, informative and pretty chill in all the ways. But many don’t get this. The language is supposed to be an aura of you, and quite informal because readers have this insane need to connect to what you say. We often come across blogs that even manage to rank to the top, but are so off that you are left with no other option than closing it off at once. From the grammatical errors to the way the text flows, the level of insanity is incorrigible.

Inksplore can’t stand such nightmares, and certainly wishes to be far away from creating such nightmares. As a content writing company, we read a lot, and gather ideas and trends, so we’ve learned the good, the bad and the ugly over the past few years. We thought, why not impart this knowledge to others so that they incorporate the good, and avoid the ugly?


It’s great to see blog writing go to great levels in terms of originality and creativity. The infographic articles, and the amount of research a few blogs put in are massive. Blogs are turning out to be more communicative, and interesting. Some of the best ways to build a perfect blog are:

  • Create an engaging content
  • Provide internal links (so that readers click it and spend more time on your blog)
  • Create informative content
  • Keep the language classy and simple.
  • Let creativity play along.

Our blog content writers ensure that the bloggers have enough space to incorporate all those elements.

The BAD and the UGLY:

If you ask us about some of the things that you need to stay away from, then here they are:

  • AVOID grammatical errors. They’re cringe worthy.

The best way to do this is by running your blog content through grammar error checking sites such as grammarly and so on. However, if blog content writing just isn’t your niche, consider outsourcing it to professional blog content writers.

  • AVOID jargons. Not all your readers are PhD holders.

Keep your language simple. People don’t always understand complicated words, and jargons are the last thing they’re asking for. Put yourself on the shoes of a common man, and ask yourself, if you weren’t an avid reader or a word lover, would you really understand what you’re saying?

Those are some of the things that we, at Inksplore do, and avoid heartily. What are some of the blogging nightmares that you’ve got? If you’ve got any, Inksplore’s blog content writing services are right here to sort it all out!