Doing a Rewrite on Your Very Bad Day
Sandy Peckinpah

I am a writer and it never occurred to me to put my one unresolved trauma (similar to your horrible experience) to paper. I had carried it around with me, literally every day, for more than half my life. For more than seventeen years I suffered daily. It was the one trauma I did not know how to deal with.

The day after I finally used it in a screenplay I was writing, I noticed the weight on my shoulders was... gone. Part of me felt guilty. Was I forgetting her by not crying about her every single day? But I soon found out this was not the case at all. In fact, I could celebrate her better now that the trauma surrounding her memory has lifted.

Writing is powerful.

Thank you for sharing this. I never know what to say to people who have gone through this level of pain, words don’t seem to cover the depth of compassion I feel. Bless your heart.

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