2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 4
Scott Myers

Scene 1


A bar, colonial style. Red velvet bar stools. Brass details. A flicker of candlelight.

The door opens. A bell rings through the quiet atmosphere.

In steps a WOMAN. Thin. Bygone glory. This is CECILIA WATSON.

She scans the bar. Mirrored shelves full of the best whiskey. A BARTENDER. Potbellied. Annoyed. A ‘no smoking' sign on the wall behind him.

He lights a cigarette.

Cecilia: Those things will kill you.

Bartender: What won’t? What can I do you for?

Cecilia glides over to a bar stool on her stiletto heels and sits down.

Cecilia: A Lagavulin please. Ice.

The bartender reaches for the aged Lagavulin and pours a glass.

Bartender: I’m out of ice. Bloody thing broke down.

He gestures his head to the other side of the bar. Cecilia looks over. A large, white freezer.

Cecilia: Too bad. Why don’t you make it up to me?

The bartender raises his eyebrows. Cecilia leans forward.

Cecilia: Drink with me.

He grabs another glass and fills it with the whiskey.

Cecilia: Cheers.

They drink their whiskeys in one gulp. Cecilia points at the glasses and the bartender obliges.

Cecilia: You’re a man of few words. In my experience, those are the most interesting ones.

They slam back the second drink. The bartender pours thirds.

Cecilia: Tell you what. After each drink we both have to divulge a secret we have never told anyone else.

Bartender: Whatever, lady. You first.

Cecilia: Alright. I am —

She inhales deeply.

Cecilia: Barren. I am barren. Cheers.

They down the fourth whiskey.

Cecilia: Shit. I forgot. It was your turn! Now you have to tell me two secrets.

The bartender puts out his cigarette in an ashtray that needs emptying.

Bartender: I was a bully in high school.

Cecilia: I’m sure they were all very aware. Hardly a secret. Next.

Bartender: I once kicked my neighbor’s dog. Just because it was there.


Cecilia: Okay. That’s better. My turn. I eat two rolls of cookie dough once a month, like clock work. One after the other. Then I feel sick and make myself throw up.

The bartender pours more whiskey, which they expertly gulp down. Their eyes are droopy and their speech is slurred.

Bartender: I once killed a cat by putting it in a plastic bag. I put a large rock in the bag so it sank to the bottom. I heard the cat scream very shortly as the bag filled with water.

Cecilia sways on her stool and frowns.

Cecilia: What is it with you and hurting animals? Alright, my turn. I have had a facelift and I’m incredibly embarrassed by it. Fill us up. This will be my last one.

Bartender. Yeah. It will be.

He pours and they drink. Cecilia winces.

Bartender: I want to show you my last secret. Follow me.

Cecilia takes her shoes off and follows the man. They’re both struggling to walk.

They stop at the freezer. The bartender puts a finger to his lips.

Bartender: Shhhh.

He opens the freezer.

Cecilia screams.

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