5 Ways To Feel Accomplished When You’re Disabled

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Productivity. Maybe the biggest buzzword of our time. Lots of people write about it, entire websites/podcasts/books are dedicated to it and everybody wants it.

But what if you’re disabled?

Healthy people, while they may struggle with motivation, do not struggle with your physical limitations. Whether you’re visibly disabled or invisibly, physical impairments have a way of, well, getting in your way.

I myself struggle with a progressive muscular dystrophy and atrial fibrillation. It’s not visible I’m ill, but I definitely am. …

We hear and read a lot about psychological illness. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and how they affect a person’s life.

It’s much more rare to read about physical illness or disability and even rarer to read about how they might affect psychological health.

Differently Abled?

When I tell an abled person I am disabled, the discomfort is palpable. They might even say something like: 'I don’t see you as disabled, I see you as “differently abled”. You’re so strong!’

Now, it always seems a little strange to me that my disability makes other people a bit uncomfortable…

Opinions. The number one tactic to shut down any difficult conversation. “Yeah well, it’s MY opinion.” End of discussion?

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Not quite, because your opinion is worthless. Opinions arise in your head when you don’t have enough evidence to make a solid statement. The moment you get enough evidence to support your “opinion" and refute other opinions, they become statements of fact.

The only value opinions really have, is their purpose in propelling your forward. Towards fact. Towards truth. They are hypotheses. They were never meant to be the end, merely the beginning.

I don’t think I have to say that…

Layla Aissaoui-Hester

Writer of screenplays, novels and poetry. Gloriously and privately passionate.

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