Fuck white people.

Fuck white people for telling me I’m not good enough. For laughing at my food. For mocking my culture. For whittling me down to a play toy for their sick egos. Fuck white people.

Fuck white Americans for being so dumb. Fuck them for being so ignorant and so proud of it. Fuck them for destroying the world. Fuck them for the death and the destruction and the demonization of anyone who has something they want. Fuck white people.

Fuck white people for thinking that just because I’m half white I have to agree with them. Fuck white feminists for saying I care too much about race. Fuck white people for failing to educate themselves — no, fuck them for not listening to us.

Fuck them for not even trying. For not even trying to learn to pronounce our names. For their faces of disgust at our lunches in elementary school but their obsession with hummus and pita chips once they become basic vegan cunts. Fuck you.

Fuck yes I’m angry. I’m angry at my white aunt who thinks cause her kids are half black she knows what’s up. Fuck you. I’m angry at myself for changing my name, for giving up, for not forcing white people to say it right. I’m angry at my mom for assimilating. I’m angry at my friends for not getting why I’m angry. I’m angry. And I’m tired of being angry.

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