Infobesity Epidemic

Layli Foroudi
Feb 6, 2017 · 2 min read

You open your laptop. It was on standby — not shut down — so when the screen comes to life, the Internet browser is up, words are on the screen, and multiple tabs are open.

The useful tab function means that you can simultaneously read articles, bookmark articles you want to read, keep articles for reference, update a social media page, draft an email, appreciate some beautiful or funny Instagram posts, and get live updates on Trump’s dismal executive orders, reactions to his executive orders, etc.

You have a second Internet browser “window” that is minimised because the number of tabs open was starting to stress you out, but you didn’t want to close the tabs because you want to consume the information, at some stage.

But you probably wont in the end because more information is streaming down your screen, new recommended reading is filling up your Facebook feed, and some app is giving you a push notification on a story that you had clicked on a few hours ago.

After info-binging on what is going on with Trump’s #Muslimban, you suddenly think that you should be better informed about migrant detention on home soil in Britain, as well as the racist Prevent bill, the practice of immigration raids and deportations, and school kid census that is going to create a hostile environment for migrant children. You open more tabs.

You think about climate change.

You black out.

Layli Foroudi

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