a relationship: a poem piece

he broke her heart for the millionth time and like always, she would tell herself “never again, never again am I letting myself get played” but who was she kidding? deep down she knew that if her were to ask her to take him back she’d do it in a heartbeat and maybe that was the problem.

she believed him. she believed all his “i love yous” believed all his “i miss yous” basically, she believed every single word that came out of his mouth and that’s why she ended up broken because she should have known; she should have known better than to trust him.

i hate the way you laugh so carelessly around her i hate it when my insides rile up when you hold her hand i hate the way i feel like crying whenever is see you hug her i hate it when you play with her hair i hate the way you hold her waist so tight, with so much love. i hate it, i hate it. but you know what i hate the most? i hate the way you look at her in the way you never looked at me.

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