I hurry outside

Do I want to run from the truth

Or the lies

I know what I did

I know what I stole

You’ve put enough pressure on me

You didn’t think I would break

You didn’t know how much I could take

That was your mistake

My faults are mine

I took my innocence

Threw it down the drain

By learning and knowing

By loving

By being and doing

By thinking

By living in a world that has no values

No morals

No way to keep the people in it good and kind

So when I hurry out I may be running from you

Maybe myself

But that’s not it

I run in vain

I run from knowing the things I already know

I run from the pain and suffering that others suffered

I run with the hope that if I can outrun it I will win and the horrible things will leave

I’m still running.

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