Terribly Tiny Tales: Collection of tweet sized stories


A blind man taught flute to orphans, his well sighted brother drank outside, one of them has eyes… the other has vision.


Once a lull away from the world, my sleep is now a bustling town of vivid images of you, I think love is a place…and sleep is a passage.


“Hello”, said an old male voice. “Yes”, said the old lady. “I wish you would have said that 30 years ago”, silence.


She wrote her heart out on the pages of her new diary, and every time it rained, a paper boat was floating away with a secret tale.


I was his muse, his vice, I burned for him, slowly, quietly, one day he snuffed me out oh his ash tray before we could finish, for her…


Miles apart they sat by the window… he exhaled, she knew it was him.


She wanted a perfect picture, got it only when he walked in and ruined the frame.


Together smiling they stood in a picture, perhaps a long time ago, the story got edited, picture remained the way he liked it…raw.


“Je’taime”, she told him before he left…google translate. Varun found his home.


Scared, shaken, lost, the world told her to give up, but she was sure that she heard a heartbeat beneath the rubble.


Packing memories into boxes, she found his first love letter hidden in the folds of the only gift she has ever refused…his check book.