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Andela Bootcamp Day 6

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Most of the time I normally write code in traffic as I go home. I literally cannot stop myself. You can imagine the thought of that inexplicably hard function that you have to solve as soon as possible, by all means (legal means hihi). However, the most fascinating part about working on my way home is the way my mum is normally thrilled with how I code. I remember the time I was writing the fizz buzz function and she kept asking what the ‘statements’ I have written are supposed to do. You can imagine explaining that, in a layman’s language (read: English mixed with a whole lot of Swahili). But at the end of the day, she makes me feel like a professional developer (a position that I am yet to attain, but I will attain with time).

In my thought, apart from my passion for technology and my aspirations to use it to impart a change in healthcare in the future, one of my motivations and probably my biggest motivation would be my mother. To me, she depicts an image of a strong and successful career woman who I’d want to grow to be in the future. Actually, when she showed interest (a lot of interest) in supporting my dream to join Andela, it not only motivated me but it also made me challenge myself more. Therefore most of the progress I have had to reach this far is mummy motivation, but not forgetting a whole lot of self-motivation.

“And so she decided to start living the life she imagined.”
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