A Diwali visit to ‘Apna Ghar’

I am currently at my hometown Shivpuri for Diwali holidays. Today I went to visit Apna Ghar (Own Home). This is small old age home/orphanage in Shivpuri. Yesterday my mom said that she wants to go to distribute food. I thought why not it would be a good way to celebrate Diwali this time. After going there I felt a completely new experience I was expecting to see some old people only, but there I found out that there were about 8–9 people present. Most of them had some medical problem or other. These are the homeless people who were roaming on streets before being adopted here. I found out that this institute is a branch of bigger chain which was started by a couple in Bharatpur.

While serving food to them I found myself being extremely happy inside. One person asked us if he would still get some food if he eats slowly. I just felt something pain inside me hearing him say this about very simple food we were distributing. We generally do not care much when we eat or throw food but these people were worried about eating a satisfying good meal. I could not think of a better way to have celebrating this Diwali. Instead of burning crackers and celebrating by giving gifts to already wealthy relatives, giving some food and helping these people gave me a satisfaction beyond words.

My mother serving food to Apna Ghar residents