“ASUU-Children”: Be Autodidactic!! and OWN YOUR FUTURE!!!

Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

In my last article, I mentioned some persons who had challenged their status quo “ASUU strike” in the past. See below some useful links to free courses that would either provide you jobs or even prepare you for a brighter future than what “Nigerian Educational System” provides.

students from Ivy league schools

1. 250 Free Ivy-League Courses you can take online for free: Are you still seeking admissions into “Ivy league colleges”? Instead of waiting tirelessly, take up this opportunity to learn at the same standard as students in other parts of the world. Big thanks to Bunmi for sharing with me earlier. Take this courses! Thank me later!!!


2. Get job-ready Programming Skills: Are you in love with computing or you fantasize on how you can develop the next big thing like Microsoft, Google, Apple or Facebook; then get started by taking free and/or paid courses on: Udacity, Freecodecamp, Codecademy, Khanacademy, etc. You can even follow learning path provided by Google for those interested in technical roles here.


3. Prefer Digital Advertising Skills? Enroll in Google Digital Skills program or even get started on SquaredOnline, Udacity, etc.


4. BE BETTER AT ACADEMICS: Do you intend to understand all you need to know on your discipline and be better than your “striking lecturers”? Then get on the following online platforms and take courses and lectures as deem fit: courseera, BigDataUniversity, MITEDU, LinkedInLearning, Udemy, etc. You can even learn anything via YouTube. Take some inspirations from the great success stories of persons that acquired various skills via YouTube here

Note that “If you remain the same” the end of this “ASUU Strike” — You’re the brain behind your own calamities.

Please drop links below to online resources that had helped you advance your career OR even let me know if the resources above were useful in any ways.

Cheers!!! :)