An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

All I read was WHINE. Here is a 25 yr old, complaining about choices they made as if it was someone else’s fault. She is whining about the difficulties of her life, but she chose to major in ENGLISH. Why not major in STEM. Maybe some Information systems, Communications technology, and then apply for a job outside of a major city. She acts like she has no choices. She is hamstrung by a college liberal mentality of blame. I have zero sympathy. Grow up, and get a job that pays more. Since you now have experience on the phone, apply to any insurance company and you will make 40k to start, in an area that you can afford. Oh wait. let me guess, you have an excuse as to why you cannot do that, and blah, blah blah, excuse, whine, crybaby, drunk in a tub.

You remind me of my so called children. Given every opportunity, raised in a caring home, wanted for nothing, then blew off education choices for partying, then got mad when the money got cut off due to a failing GPA and not enough credit hours. hey at least you graduated. You are 25, suck it up butter cup and sell everything, move to Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and apply at one of a dozen insurance companies. They are always hiring.

Or you could keep on complaining and whining and blame billionaires and unicorns for your failings.

You got fired. Suck it lollipop and move on.

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