I don’t have time to deal with you. You don’t have time to deal with me. Yet, instead of completely ignoring each other, we’re yelling at midnight over who has to take out the trash. The poor nuns upstairs are praying to God to forgive the profanity they’re hearing. He won’t by the way. Even He is wondering how we get so heated.

Whether it’s a roommate, sibling, or good friend, there’s something about that person I want to change. And they refuse to do it. Curse, cry, bribe, and shake my fist all I want, my friends’ slow texting…

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) daily. Its belt system has had a beneficial effect on my life, partly by helping me analyze how information flows from the knowledgeable professor to the martially illiterate. This and other aspects of BJJ allow me to make larger extrapolations about the world at large. Here are a few of those observations…

Death by a Thousand Misjudgements

The way I look and dress matters a lot to other people. Having the “correct” physical and social appearance depends heavily on the context. …


Charlie Munger influences my way of thinking more than any other public figure. He’s given me insights on everything from business decision making to living a good life. They are almost always accurate and actionable.

It is difficult to distill his worldly wisdom into a single blog post. Shane Parrish has a whole blog with insights on Charlie, and it still uncovers new nuggets of knowledge. Not to mention Charlie’s book on worldly wisdom, Poor Charlie’s Almanack, weighs over five pounds.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to talk about Charlie. His irreverence, piercing wit, and extensive repertoire of aphorisms make learning fun…


Like every other student, I was grinding out practice exams the week before finals. Like most people, I’d resigned myself to a week of imprisonment in Berkeley’s labyrinth of libraries. So it makes perfect sense that on the Friday before finals, I was packing my suitcase.

Yes, I did it. I flew to Omaha, Nebraska the weekend before final exams. While most people crammed, I attended Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders’ meeting (a bucket list item). While there, I learned about the research activities required to beat the market, the future of Chinese-U.S. relations, and the miracle that is peanut brittle.

There are some really fun adventures I want to go on in the near future. The problem is, these experiences are non-urgent and nonessential, so I keep punting them from MLK Day to Spring Break to summer vacation. I obviously need to organize my desires and create a realistic timeline to execute them. There’s no better way to ensure completion than to share my dreams with you guys. As I embark on these adventures, I’ll update the page and provide info on what I ended up doing. …


As a college sophomore, I can readily recall the trials and tribulations of learning. I grew up in Washington State’s education system, where acronyms like WASL accompanied state tests. Then I moved to California where STAR was used instead. Having attended 7 schools and studied under 11 educational institutions, here’s my humble opinion of where American education is and the direction it’s headed.

Elementary School

It takes a village to raise a child

Reading, writing, basic math. Can a teacher actually screw up elementary school? Yes. Take Robert Rosenthal’s study of South San Francisco students. He found that if a teacher simply…

Lazare Herzi

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