Common mistakes of transition to the Agile workflow and why should you care about them.

As a reputed coach and consultant James Schiel said, a lot of agile organizations instead of being truely agile just using right words. The cause of that is general misunderstanding of the idea of what the Agile method actually is. This leads to a set of mistakes in organizing software development process. In this post I tell about six ones I’ve been coming across most often and of which I think as of the most common and yet crucial.

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1. Misinterpretation

People who got used to work with exhaustive requirements often interpret the word Agile wrongly. Programmers think that they are allowed to do anything. Testers are sure that they will need to re-write test cases every day because requirements will also change every day. But in fact, the Agile methodologies teach us how to get by under volatility: to respond to changes and to re-arrange plans, to meet user’s needs and to deliver product by small chunks. …

Don’t read them all. Pick a few just for you.

I often notice that people don’t read much. I’ve been thinking that there’s something wrong with that. Not that those people are wrong, of course. There are just too many books out there and sometimes it’s hard to pick the right one.

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I’m the opposite, I read a lot. And I can’t say that every book I’ve read is worthwhile (in my case, of course). In this post, I share a list of very remarkable ones and tell you about them in a few words. So, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.

1. Code Complete. Not Only the Basics.

Code Complete. A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by Steve McConnell

This is one of my first programming books and I still keep recommending it to everyone. And for a good reason. This book will teach you everything but specific technologies and programming languages. …

Here’s my way across verious design patterns to my current shelter

There are a lot of posts about how to implement one design pattern or another. I’d like to clarify immediately that it’s not one of them. This post doesn’t explain patterns, but instead, requires reader to have some basic knowledge about them.

What I’m talking about here is my way across various design patterns to my current shelter. And the trip begins with a rather infamous one.

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Model-View-Controller (MVC)

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The image is taken from the Wikipedia’s page about Model–view–controller

As the most of iOS developers, I started my journey in MVC. Everything seemed limitless at first. Apple was providing me with code snippets and class blanks. …


Nikita Lazarev-Zubov

Software (iOS) Development Engineer @ Dream Broker, Helsinki, Finland

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